Cream On A Hot Summer Day

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It’s Miami and it’s hot as hell outside. Anastaisa wants to cool off with some ice cream, so she gets a modest scoop of vanilla in a cone and starts licking away. It drips down her tits and she gives her guy a lick so he can enjoy some ice cream, too. But even though she’s had a cold treat, Anastaisa is still burning up. Her cunt is on fire because she wants a big cock inside of it. She wants man cream. So she uses what’s left of her ice cream to lather her guy’s cock and suck it off. There’s no way this guy’s dick can cool down in Anastaisa’s mouth or between her tits. So his hot dick goes in her hot pussy. With no more ice cream left he provides more sweet, white stuff for Anastaisa to lick up.

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Blondes have more cum

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This gorgeous blonde bbw babe was wearing thee sexiest set of lingerie I’ve seen yet on one of our fine plumpers. Her huge set of natural round titties and fat firm ass were incredible. That pretty face and dick sucking lips of hers had me sitting on a boner myself.

She quickly got to work on the hard cock set before her eyes. Slirping and slobbering away, she got it nice and hard for it to stuff her hot tight pussy. She got her brains fucked out and came over and over. Tons of dick pleasing footage here. Enjoy!

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Taste Test

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‘I’m not really a cooking type of a girl. I’m more of a ‘lay around and fuck me’ kind of girl. So when I find a man who will cook for me, it’s a really big turn on. But it’s not guaranteed that I will fuck you just ’cause you throw some slop together and call it dinner. If what a guy cooks me tastes bad, he’s out. I enjoy the finer things in life and if a guy gives me bad food I will just assume he’s a bad fuck. Now, I don’t expect anything fancy. It could be mac n’ cheese and I’d eat it so long as it tastes good. And if the dude feeds it to me, it’s over. His dick will be in my mouth so fast he won’t know what hit him.’

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Hot Mamacita Craves Cock

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Allow us to introduce you to Magdalena Lopez. This exotic plumper babe hails from Mexico. She loves the taste of hard cock and is no stranger to facials and swallowing thick loads. Yes, the hot mamacita does it all and does it well. So take a little tropical vacation… BBW style. Watch Magdalena get her taco stuffed while she talks some hot sounding, Spanish shit. This spicy Latina has a big, round, brown booty and she knows how to use it. Click and watch her eat his cum like its sour cream. Ay, mami!

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Beer Maid To Serve Your Boner

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Are you in the mood for bratwurst and ale? Barmaid Brandy is here to serve you. She’s also a fan of sausage-the pork kind and the cock kind. Which ever you have, she’ll take. And if you can slip her a little bit of both at the same time, even better. ‘I love to eat and I love to fuck,’ Brandy said. ‘Why not have something tickling my taste buds and my pussy at the same time? I find that I’m my horniest after I eat certain foods-especially sausages. Obviously, it’s shaped like a cock. But it’s just as thick and juicy as one, too.’

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Limo Loving

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Dawn Davenport was surprised with a stretch limo by her boyfriend. He must have fucked up royally to get this to make up. She got in the back and was looking around when his hard cock came out. She started to give him head in the back of the limo before deciding to take things inside. This red head BBW got to sucking again as she got her big natural boobs played with. Then the fucking started. And boy did it last. Watching her chunky plumper body jiggle as she got fucked was a sight to see. You’ll enjoy it as much as I did. Trust me.

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If you like a girl who looks cute and innocent but has that sexual streak in the bedroom? Then Dawn Davenport is the girl of your dreams. See how this sexy BBW takes her cute girlish looks and makes all men drop to their knees when she shows off those perky 38DDs, great curves and flashes that not so innocent smile. We thing you will agree this good girls has definitely gone bad.



One wild bitch to fuck

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Some babes just like to get some hard cock in all their tight holes but not this wild redhead. She wants more than cock in her pussy and you’re going to see her get some cock and both ends of a baseball bat in there as well.


It’s wild and dirty action that’s going to make your cock throb.


Donuts & Dick

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Forget the boring, monotonous workouts on gym machines. Allysa and Kandi would rather eat donuts and get their workout from riding a big cock. ‘I had been working out for so long I felt exhausted,’ said Kandi. ‘But after I ate a donuts I had all my energy back and I was ready to fuck. I’m glad I had Allysa there with me, too. She’s my workout buddy, but she also a great partner to have in a three-way. She loves dick as much as I do and she’s perfectly willing to share it.’

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Oh Sydney!

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Sydney JJ is back in all her blonde bbw glory for some hot hardcore plumper action. She starts off as always, using that British accent of hers and showing off those HUGE natural rack of titties of hers. Her long blonde hair and that chubby tummy of hers make this plumper hot as fuck.

As she gets her pussy wet, the cock shows up and gets to work. From blowjob to titty fucking, Sydney sure has a way with the dick. Then she gets mounted and fucked into submission! Enjoy factor is high on this one!

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Sweet And Juicy

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There’s nothing like a little Shugar with your Peaches. That is, Peaches La Rue and busty fuck-buddy, Shugar. Here, the two horny plumpers get together for a threesome. ‘Shugar and I both love to eat, Peaches says, ‘But we kept it light here because we wanted to make sure we saved room to eat each other and this guy’s dick. We’re both big girls, and our tits are definitely more than a mouthful. And they wouldn’t want to miss out on each others pussies, which live up to their respective namesakes. Shugar is sweet as candy and Peaches is juicy and soft. The only thing that’s missing is a little cream.

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