Redhead bitch goes crazy

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Cute asses, big boobies and an insatiable hunger for hard cock … that’s what we’ve got waiting for you with every one of the hot babes you’ll find on PlumpandTasty.


The action is hard and dirty and you see it all in high definition video that will blow you away.


BBW Black Boinking

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Here we go again! Some good ol’ black cock fucking a hot brunette BBW babe! She was anxiously waiting to get fucked. So she started to play with her huge natural rack of titties and fat plumper ass. Her fat tight pussy got wet and couldn’t wait any longer. Enter the cock. She started to slob on the big black dick and gave a hot messy wet blowjob. Then she decided that was enough and wanted to get her pussy fucked. And fucked it did! Tons of hot sex action. Enjoy!

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This update we have the hot and very horny Pink Kandi, with a lovely juicy body that is just built for sin. From the moment we first lay eyes on this big mommy, outside of the sex shop, we knew she was going to be a good one. The way those fat legs and thick thighs looked in her tiny skirt had us wanting to see more.

Once they talked her into coming back to the Shag Pad© we get to see a whole lot more of this yummy big girl’s voluptuous body. She hitches that skirt up around those thick thighs and reveals a perfectly plump pussy. From there things get a lot more hardcore as she wraps those lips around his dick and starts giving him a slow blowjob. Pink Kandi then gets her wet pussy fucked every which way. It’s wonderful, especially when he grabbed a hold of her soft hips and slammed his cock deep into her juicy pink snatch.

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Won’t you be my neighbor?

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Jane Kush was hanging out by the pool of her kick ass condo in Miami when she noticed the chocolate boy lover laying down across the way. She quickly got up and hoped he would follow her back to the elevator. Sure enough, he jumped at the chance to follow this fine plumper babe. After getting off on the same floor, they got to talking. Turns out she’d been wishing to come across a hot neighbor to fulfill her girl next door fantasy.

We all know how it went down after that. Some outdoor balcony blowjob action followed by some sweet titty fucking pleasure. Ms. Kush then got her puss stuffed by some big black cock. Tons of hot hardcore action here my droogies. Enjoy !

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Pink Surprises

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Imagine something sexy and wrapped up in a pink, fishnet one piece dress you could just rip off and fuck for hours. And it doesn’t require batteries. Kandi Kobain is that “something.” However, for such a good looking BBW, this woman has high standards and one had best be ready to please them in stamina and cock length.


She’s one for the extra thick and long ones that she can slurp all over like an ice cream hot dog before it’s nice and hard. Kandi will even dip it between her breasts to get that extra smooth feeling. Then she’ll make a pussy sandwich by stuffing it deep and hard inside her, adding her own moans of sexual addiction as flavor. Kandi’s known to really ride guys hard so keep yourself together before you blow your load all over her; she likes a long finish.




Black Lush

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This latin bbw goes by the name Lola Lush. Her gorgeous eyes and hot chunky body make for some fantastic interracial plumper fucking action. Lucas steps on in and finds her big natural boobies ready to get worshipped. Her fat ass and belly too. She quickly starts to suck off his big black cock and gets it nice and hard for her wet pussy. She then gets it stuffed and cums all over on it multiple times in classic bbw fucking fashion! Tons o’fun here. Enjoy!

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Wild hunger for hard cock

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This is one big babe who has an even bigger hunger for hard cock than most sluts we show you. Not only does this babe love to get fucked till she’s a screaming mess but it’s not over till her face is covered in all the hot sticky cum that she can get.

Lots of cum on her sexy face

Come on in and watch as Rochelle gets her craving to be fucked and facialed satisfied.


Cream On A Hot Summer Day

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It’s Miami and it’s hot as hell outside. Anastaisa wants to cool off with some ice cream, so she gets a modest scoop of vanilla in a cone and starts licking away. It drips down her tits and she gives her guy a lick so he can enjoy some ice cream, too. But even though she’s had a cold treat, Anastaisa is still burning up. Her cunt is on fire because she wants a big cock inside of it. She wants man cream. So she uses what’s left of her ice cream to lather her guy’s cock and suck it off. There’s no way this guy’s dick can cool down in Anastaisa’s mouth or between her tits. So his hot dick goes in her hot pussy. With no more ice cream left he provides more sweet, white stuff for Anastaisa to lick up.

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Blondes have more cum

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This gorgeous blonde bbw babe was wearing thee sexiest set of lingerie I’ve seen yet on one of our fine plumpers. Her huge set of natural round titties and fat firm ass were incredible. That pretty face and dick sucking lips of hers had me sitting on a boner myself.

She quickly got to work on the hard cock set before her eyes. Slirping and slobbering away, she got it nice and hard for it to stuff her hot tight pussy. She got her brains fucked out and came over and over. Tons of dick pleasing footage here. Enjoy!

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Taste Test

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‘I’m not really a cooking type of a girl. I’m more of a ‘lay around and fuck me’ kind of girl. So when I find a man who will cook for me, it’s a really big turn on. But it’s not guaranteed that I will fuck you just ’cause you throw some slop together and call it dinner. If what a guy cooks me tastes bad, he’s out. I enjoy the finer things in life and if a guy gives me bad food I will just assume he’s a bad fuck. Now, I don’t expect anything fancy. It could be mac n’ cheese and I’d eat it so long as it tastes good. And if the dude feeds it to me, it’s over. His dick will be in my mouth so fast he won’t know what hit him.’

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